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Yogi Tones Podcast with Ryan Glidden – Deepening Your Practice

Ryan Glidden is back on the podcast! We talk about his latest book, which I would highly recommend, whether you teach yoga or  really do just want to deepen your practice. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to yoga teaching and the training behind it. Co-founder of MOSAIC and the MOSAIC Foundation. Ryan is a author, teacher and leader of MOSAIC’s yoga teacher training programs.

Get the Book HERE

● More than 70 yoga pose images
● Debunking The myths and truths about losing weight with yoga
● How to easily customize your practice to meet your needs
● How to avoid the five most commonly taught injury causing cues
● Techniques for becoming a powerful teacher and speaker
● How to manage, market and run your own yoga business
● How to work with the seven chakra system, physically, mentally, and nutritionally

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