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Yogi Tones Podcast with Jay Ojeda – They Need Me

My good buddy Jay Ojeda is on the Yogi Tones podcast for the first time! We talk about taking a training for the first time, playlist, working the core and giving feedback. He also uses much bigger weights than me in class and this training is gonna rock since we are doing it together!!

More about Jay Ojeda. And by the way this short bio will only be the tip of the iceberg of info on Jay. He is a 40 year old male, retired from the Navy, has two daughters, likes good food, great coffee and staying active AF. Most days you can find him at work, in a yoga class, or in Mexico, where he lives. Connect with him on IG: jayojeda_ or in real life or somewhere in San Diego. Be on the lookout for more episodes from myself and Jay while we do this training!

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Special thanks to Jay for joining me on the show. Until next time!

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