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Yogi Tones Podcast with Bahman Sarram – Love and Unity

Bahman Sarram is an artist, violinist, composer, producer and singer/songwriter whose music ties together many cultures and expressions into an ecstatic celebration of life. Based in San Diego, Bahman has won over audiences with his passion and unlimited energy that vibrates through his performances and diverse musical palette.

His composing credits include composing for the award winning film “Circumstance”,  and several independent films and documentaries.

Bahman’s musical versatility knows no bounds and can’t be categorized into a single genre. No matter what style he’s playing whether  funk, jazz fusion, Middle Eastern, Conscious Music, folk or rock, his improvisational skills, raw energy and natural instinct for melody leaves audiences with a feeling that they have experienced something unique and rare.

Bahman’s childhood roots in classical violin training fused later on in his early adulthood being drawn to playing with artists from all different musical genres, expanding his palette for music.

“I was 4 years old, and my family was being exiled from our country, our home. We were fleeing a land ripped apart by turmoil, and political and social revolution.”

For Bahman, the uneasy years of his childhood in Iran were marked by chapters of triumph and tribulation. Those memories continue to have a profound effect on him and his music to this day.

“I remember the music of my home land, dancing while my mom sang at parties. I remember always being moved by sound and wanting to be part of it in some way,” Bahman says. “I know those days will always be a part of me, every time I play. It’s inescapable”

For more from Bahman check out his Website – bviolin.com

About the band – Mystic Groove Collective

Since 2002, violinist/songwriter Bahman Sarram and the Mystic Groove Collective have been blending traditional gypsy grooves and melodies with music from around the world to create an ecstatic world groove and Conscious fusion and chanting experience. Heart-piercing violin and guitar solos along with three part harmony add to their dynamic and diverse sound.
Together, they offer the listener a world of exotic music ranging from mystical and meditative chant perfect for yoga and meditation gatherings, to funky groovin’ versions of classic and contemporary soulful songs we all know and love with conscious interactive energy blended in. Featuring Bahman Sarram on electric violin, guitar and vocals, the “Reverend Stickman” on guitars and vocals, and Dan Ochipinti on world percussion and vocals.

Join Bahman and the Mystic Groove Collective for a night of Unity!

Purchase a ticket HERE or $20 at the door.

Special thanks to Bahman for joining me on the show. Until next time!

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