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Yogi Tones Podcast – Finding the Real Guru with Kat Da Silva

Today on the show is Kat Da Silva and we have some fun. Talking all things including yoga certifications and how you really don’t (kinda sorta) need one to teach yoga. People you wouldn’t expect to drop into a yoga class, who the real guru is, also farmers markets and how they can be a great place to spread your yoga love!!

Kat is a Passionate & Active Member of her Community – She knows no other way than Being the Change – being a Kickass Mom, Daughter, Sistah, Friend, and Human. She spends her time creating memories with her 12 year old son, teaching and living mindfulness, compassion, and embodiment through yoga, meditation, and other tools of self-reclamation. Kat finds deep pleasure in guiding her students in unlayering their stories and blocks, either on the mat or off, and holding the light while they discover their power, their peace, and the freedom of owning their bodies, their minds, and ultimately their lives. Kat believes in the power of community to create change and so she gives back by co-organizing events such as the Conscious San Jose Festival, serving in her local neighborhood committee driving anti-litter and beautification initiatives, and actively participating as a member of the Be the Change Collective. Kat’s future projects include bringing hope, guidance, and empowerment to moms through her Root to Rise Yoga & Lifestyle Coaching practice. Ultimately, Kat envisions a world where women heal, feel empowered, and see themselves wholly and deeply, allowing those around them to be just as deeply touched, loved, and transformed.

Special thanks to Kat for joining me on the show. Until next time!

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