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Welcome to our Resources page! The recommendations on this page are for products and services we use and trust. Enjoy!

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  Build Your Yoga Business

The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Successful Yoga Career: Learn Real-World Practical Strategies to Build a Successful Career as a Yoga Teacher.

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Lawyer For Yogi’s

Need a Lawyer that you can Trust? Chris Scott-Dixon is your guy! Listen to his podcast Episode and you might find calling him helpful, free to talk!  619-895-1066

 Lara Falberg

Lara founded iworkbarefoot a yoga teaching resource offering verbal cues, mini sequences, class themes, and advice if you want some. Also grab her book Yoga Train!

 Candeo Coaching

Emily Desmond from Candeo Coaching has put together a Yoga Teacher Checklist. Enter your email to start checking your yoga teacher list!!

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Tidbits of Love by Sharon Belknap

Palm sized gift cards with happy drawings of nature paired with words of gratitude & inspiration. Encouraging acts of giving, human connection & mementos. Perfect for handing out after a yoga class to your students!

2″ square box filled with 40 Tidbits of Love. 10 unique whimsical drawings of nature with inspiring and encouraging words on the back. 5 of the 40 cards are blank for your own message. Tidbits are for giving away, opening hearts and loving life!
Order Tidbits of Love to give out after your yoga class!!
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If you’d like to purchase a large quantity for an event or your organization, please contact.

Tummee – A company that helps yoga teachers build sequences – Click HERE to learn more!!

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