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Nama-Skate: Yoga on Skateboards Presenter Monica Sigal

How do people get around in San Diego? Skateboards, for sure! Join us for an unforgettable, beginner friendly yoga and skateboarding class! Here you will learn from local yoga teacher and skateboard instructor, Monica, the basics of riding a skateboard and then you’ll advance your skills by trying to find your balance by experimenting with doing  yoga poses like Tree Pose and Crow on the board! There will be lots of play time, free skating and partner help with riding the board! You’ll be doing tricks in time in core strengthening, So-Cal unique yoga and skateboarding experience. 

No experience required. In fact, those who have never tried skateboarding are extra WELCOMED! Boards, knee pads and elbow pads provided!

More about the teacher and where to find her!

Monica Sigal is a Vinyasa/Hatha yoga instructor and life performance coach in the San Diego area. Her focus is on helping people discover a strong peace of mind through various breath to movement poses while empowering them to make positive shifts in their lives. Yoga is a tool that can help people break through emotional blockages that are hindering ones growth. 


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[email protected]yogaforskateboarders 

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