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Meet Yogi Megan Nagy

What type of yoga do you like to practice?

vinyasa, yin, hatha

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?

AHIMSA in Toronto

What do you like the most about practicing there?

The community, the atmosphere, the care and consideration given to the sequencing of each class.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

Practicing yoga, and slowing down, increases my mindfulness and brings a sense of calm to rest of my life.

The world ends tomorrow. What would you indulge in tonight?

so.much.chocolate + family hugs

What was your first experience with yoga?

I played volleyball in college and upon graduating received a professional contract in France. I moved and was the only English speaker on my team. I also didn’t know any French before going. (I’m from Saskatchewan so it was only required learning in junior high.) Needless to say, I was extremely lonely; and went through a huge transition to being comfortable with myself and eventually enjoying my alone time. I had attended a few yoga classes throughout college but only understood it as a workout. I began a regular practice, in my apartment in France, and it truly brought me back from the darkest I have ever felt. It is now one of my most coveted practices for my mental health. 
The town I played in was small and had no studios. I went to Paris on a weekend off, sought out a studio that had English speaking classes, and proceeded to cry throughout nearly the entire class. I tried my best not to distract the group, and I’m so grateful that the teacher and students allowed me to be in that space. I’ve cried in classes since, and am always in awe of how gracefully the instructors and practitioners handle it. 
Counter to that breakthrough; I took a class in Germany and the instructor was very playful and fun. We began the class by intertwining our fingers with our toes and stretching our feet for a while before standing. I loved that and it was another “click” moment for me, in that I realized that yoga didn’t have to be deep and heavy all of the time.

Imagine you’re on the cover of Yoga Journal. What pose would you strike?

Tree- something non-intimidating and approachable. Something to represent the growth to come.

If you could practice yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Bali – someday! The classic yoga dream.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about practicing yoga?

When you are experiencing resistance, it usually means you are expanding. Look at beginning something new from this point of view and get ready to grow! I love empowering people to take ownership of their development. I know the effect that the commitment to take positive steps toward physical and mental health (ie: their yoga practice) will have on their life at large, and that’s an exciting shift to be a part of.

Where else can we find you?

@megannag_y on all social media

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