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Yogi Tones Featured Teacher – Katie Fanning

What type of yoga do you teach?


Which studio/s?

Honor Yoga Princeton

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?

In the studio with my inspiring community!

What do you like the most about practicing there?

Being around others who are like-minded and keep me motivated.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

Actively reminding myself to breathe and practice self love. When I came to yoga, this was the gateway that allowed me to be patient and kind to myself. Whenever I am feeling down on myself or anxious, I remind myself to see it as an opportunity to love myself more and forgive myself for living outside the present moment.

The world ends tomorrow. What would you indulge in tonight?

Chocolate duh!

What was your first experience as a yoga teacher?

When I graduated, part of the requirement for completing the 200 hour training was teaching two donation classes. Most of the people there were family and close friends. It was very intimidating at first but once the words started to flow, it was super humbling and allowed me to share the gifts I had learned through my own practice.

Imagine you’re on the cover of Yoga Journal. What pose would you strike?


What inspires you to teach yoga?

Sharing and giving back all of the beautiful lessons I have learned by having the courage to step onto the mat!

If you could teach yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?


What has been your most embarrassing yoga moment as a teacher or practitioner?

I mix up my right and left almost every class. One time a student suggested I should get socks with the L and R on them so I knew which side I was calling when teaching!

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about practicing yoga?

The hardest part is stepping on your mat. Once you are there you never regret showing up!

What music are you jamming to right now?

Beautiful Life by Lost Frequencies

What has been the most rewarding thing about being a teaching yoga?

Creating genuine connections with others!

Where else can we find you?

lifeomstyle.com and on Instagram @kfann7.

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