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We have partnered with Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga to offer free yoga!! Click HERE to get started!!
Join a worldwide community of satisfied yogis such as these!!

“I love how I can always have access to my favorite teachers no matter where I am in the world. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.”
Salil Wilson – New York
“Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga is a heart-centered studio. All of its instructors bring the depth of their meditation mats to their classes–and it readily comes through in streaming classes.”
John Beaudry – San Diego
“I am both grateful & blessed! Pilgrimage Yoga is definitely a great place to look into no matter what level you are at on your journey.”
Suzie “Harijot” Abels, M.S.
“So awesome to practice alongside experienced teachers right from my home, and for free!!”
Sandy Baker, Mountain Home Arkansas