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Inspiration for Life on the Yogi Tones Podcast with Katie B!

Combine Katie’s BA in International Conflict Resolution (Ni Hao, Ma?), with master yoga/personal training certifications (Namaste’), and her mad dance party skills, get ready for a work out and most importantly get a WORK IN. Katie B uses her b_inspired initiative to awaken a deeper part of your spirit. From losing her mom at 14 to breast cancer to her facial paralysis with Bells Palsy, she takes inner transformation seriously. Her b_inspired courses in India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Italy, Spain, China, Colombia and beyond have challenged thousands of participants to combine sweat with DEPTH. 
Katie B Happyy has been featured in SHAPE magazineSan Diego Reader, ​appeared on NBC, CBS, as an internationallululemon model/ambassador, taught at festivals including Wanderlust,International Yoga Festival in India, The One Love Movement, Five Elements, Sweat for Service, and more. Her main mentors and influencers are Mooji, Swamiji ChitanandSaraswatiji, Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Landmark Curriculum, NLP, Mike Dooley, and a current candidate for her Masters in Leadership from USD. Currently, #b_inspired takes on public classes in San Diego, leading 8 international spiritual empowerment retreats annually, and sees private clients from all over the world virtually on a weekly basis. 
Join the #b_inspired tribe @katiebhappyywww.binspired.life – to peel back your layers and expose you to your POWER and PASSION. 

Special thanks to Katie for joining me on the show. Until next time!


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