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Yoga is more than just a workout. It is a life awakening practice and will help you in all things.

Nikki Krause pre-class Warmup

We get into electrolytes, what type Nikki uses and how much she uses, and Rich Roll (of course). Nikki reminds us especially when you’re teaching in the heat to keep up with your potassium and to listen to what motivates you. Nikki always puts me in a good mood and raises my vibes, so get around people that build you up and challenge you to be your best self! Subscribe to the show to keep up with all the goods and grab a can of Ultima unless it says Nik! Much love and thanks for listening!!

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 82 With Amanda Kingsmith – Mastering the Business of Yoga

Amanda Kingsmith is a RYT-200 yoga teacher and yoga business consultant based out of western Canada, although she spends much of her time traveling the world with her partner, Ryan, and is currently based out of Mexico City. Amanda came to yoga from a marketing & business background, and has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in marketing from the University of Calgary. Amanda combined her love of business with her love of yoga by starting M.B.Om, a podcast and online business focusing on the business side of yoga. 

She works with yoga teachers to help them create careers they love that are both sustainable long-term and financially abundant! Amanda has worked with yoga teachers from all corners of the globe, and taught students at studios in Canada and the US. Amanda currently offers weekly classes on her YouTube channel, and is a studio manager for The Yoga Lounge, based out of a Canmore, AB. Amanda teaches vinyasa flow, but has also trained in prenatal and restorative yoga. She is also the co-host of a popular travel podcast and blog called The World Wanderers., and works as an advisor for a growing apprenticeship program called Praxis

When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find Amanda exploring all corners of the world, hiking, reading, writing, or enjoying a cup of tea! 

Grow your yoga Biz with MBOM’s Yoga Business Boot Camp 

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Special thanks to Amanda for joining me this week. Until next time!


San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Mark West from the Imperial Beach City Council

  1. Mark West was elected to City Council in December 2016. His primary goal is improving the quality of
    life for all residents by ensuring that Imperial Beach remains the Best of the Best of Southern
    California. Mark’s community involvement previously included membership on the International
    Boundary and Water Commission, the Imperial Beach Redevelopment Successor Agency and the
    Mayor’s Advisory Committee. Currently Mark serves on the San Diego Regional Airport Authority,
    South County Economic Development Council, San Diego Association of Government (SANDAG)
    Bayshore Bikeway Committee and is the alternate on the SANDAG Executive Committee.
    Mark hails from Denver, Colorado. Upon graduation from high school in 1986, Mark enlisted in the
    United States Navy. In 1996, Mark was selected for the Enlisted Commissioning Program and enrolled
    at the University of Colorado Boulder where he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1998.
    Upon commissioning, Mark served on multiple warships prior to his early selection for command at
    sea. Ultimately, he decided to retire in 2011 after a successful twenty-four- year career.
    Following retirement, Mark enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver and completed a Master in
    Public Administration. During that time Mark worked on coastal pollution issues in Imperial Beach and
    in Mexico while serving as the Program Leader for the No Border Sewage Committee for Surfrider San
    Diego. In 2014, Mark was selected to be the Chair of the San Diego chapter of Surfrider, leading the
    largest and most active chapter in the world.

Mark has two adult children and he and his wife Megan currently have two-four legged children, Chloe
and Nani. In addition to daily surfing, he enjoys walking the trails of the Tijuana estuary, working in
his garden, traveling the world, eating good food, biking, and reading an occasional book.

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Restorative Hatha Yoga: Gentle Strength and Stretch with Tina Ardolino

In this restorative, relaxing class, you experience  gentle core exercises paired with deep, restorative stretching  to help stabilize the joints and help with posture and back pain for a full body relaxation and release.  

Tina Ardolino is a E-RYT200, PRYT-85 and Certified in Yin, JOGA, Barre, TRX, Pilates, PiYo, and Prenatal Fitness. She is also a  Reiki Master and the owner of Hapa Yoga. 

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Chakra Mantra Flow with live music by Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Band and Sita Rose

Recalibrate your nervous system with this dynamic flow class. We will weave together healing mantras and movement to activate your body’s natural vibration and balance your chakras while chanting mantra and moving.

Live music by Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Band (www.pilgrimagekirtan.com/)

Sita Rose is a spirit seeker, space holder, and music maker. Based in San Diego, CA, she is an expressive performer skilled at crafting melodic medicine derived from the heart. She draws from her experience as a board-certified music therapist, devotional singer,  ashtanga yoga practitioner to elevate consciousness and promote peace.  Her gypsy spirit has led her to study the ancient healing qualities of music throughout  India, South America, and Jamaica. As co-founder of Seed & Song LLC, she is passionate about fostering communities that empower women.  
Chakra Mantra Flow
Recalibrate your nervous system with this dynamic flow class. We will weave together healing mantras and movement to activate your body’s natural vibration.  
Live music by Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan Band. 
Vinyasa Classes: www.PuraVidaYogaCenter.com
PilgrimageKirtan every Thursday At 8pm  https://www.pilgrimagekirtan.com/

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Yoga for Recovery: Meditation and Talk with Carrie Schell

We all know someone who has been directly or indirectly impacted by addictions and alcoholism.  Yoga Recovery explores how yoga and meditation are effective in treating addictions, and in many cases, more effective than traditional therapies and medications.  Yoga Recovery takes the journey of wellness beyond the mat and guides us gently to the heart.  Join us for an engaging and interactive session of discussion and meditation. Please note there is no movement or yoga postures on this class.  

Carrie has been immersed in health and wellness since beginning her career as a licensed midwife twenty-five years ago. Her career has evolved over the years with her doctorate studies, work as a health consultant, physical activity practitioner and yogi. Carrie’s involvement in addiction recovery spans decades. Her passion for recovery, physical activity, nature and yoga merged in her role as Director of Health and Wellness at a residential addiction recovery facility where she developed a unique and highly successful recovery program rooted in yoga, physical activity and meditation. Carrie has been invited to speak at addiction conferences around the world, sharing the evidence and research supporting her approach to recovery. Carrie is the author of Mind, Body, Spirit: a journey to wellness, and has a yoga dvd and guided meditation cd. An innovator in her field, she has developed physical literacy programs for schools to help improve the physical and mental wellness of children and youth. She is presently launching Moral Compass Therapy, for veterans suffering from PTSD. Carrie believes in a mind, body, spirit approach to wellness and recovery as evidenced in both her personal and professional life, seeking to reconnect others to the Divine source of love in the Universe.

Follow Carrie on Facebook and see what she has going at her website Wellness Inc Consulting.

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents Austin Durant – Fermentation 101 and Sauerkraut Demo

Austin Durant (RYT-200) has been fermenting food for over seven years. In 2011, he studied at Sandor Katz’ five-day Fermentation Residency Program in middle Tennessee, where he learned hands-on how to make over a dozen fermented foods. That same year, he founded Fermenters Club with a mission: To improve people’s lives by teaching them why and how to make and enjoy fermented foods; and to create communities that are connected through their guts. He writes recipes and shares his fermentation adventures through stories and videos on his blog (fermentersclub.com) He also teaches hands-on workshops across the United States on various fermented food traditions such as sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, miso, as well as seasonal specialties. He curates bi-monthly community meetings, where newbies and fermenting pros alike meet and geek out about fermented foods. In 2015, he founded day-long fermentation festivals in San Diego (sandiegofermentationfestival.com) and Portland, Oregon (oregonfermentationfestival.com)

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents – Essential Oils for Emotional Balance

Do you feel stuck in some are of your life? Whether it is a career goal, finding a satisfying relationship, or living a life of passion and purpose, we all need to feel that we are moving in the direction of our dreams. Sometimes we need an outside perspective, or we need help getting past things we have struggled with.
Join certified instructors Misty Deneen,  Anni Dayan, and Raquel Murphy as they walk you through The Aroma Freedom Technique. A step-by-step process and an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person’s mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action. Through this process one learns how to identify what they really want in life what is blocking them and how to release these blocks in a matter of minutes.
Misty Deneen RN, Aromatherapist, Young Living Silver Leader
Anni Dayan Reiki Master, Young Living Diamond Leader
Raquel Murphy Former 911 operator and Young Living Silver Leader
Check out their website

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Yogi Tones Featured Teacher – Santha Krishnasamy

 What type of yoga do you teach?

Kids, Youth, Hatha, Gentle flow and mostly sustainable yoga. Love to teach Prenatal.

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?

Mountains and in the trails.

What do you like the most about practicing there?

Fresh air, mindfulness for balance and beyond breeze practicing deep into yourself.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

Constant awareness of body sensation before any kind of emotions trigger. Yoga off mat helps me explore that little space thats available in our freedom between action and reaction. Yoga off the mat is my most favourite one as this helps me one day at a time to reach Equanimity.

The world ends tomorrow. What would you indulge in tonight?

Serving a client at my tech startup Serve a yoga entrepreneur with my start up AudSPer Teaching a class of sustainable yoga and practicing on my arm balances. Every day is a new day.

What was your first experience as a yoga teacher?

Immense happiness when I was given an opportunity to share what I learnt over several years.

Imagine you’re on the cover of Yoga Journal. What pose would you strike?

A calm Sukhasana

What inspires you to teach yoga?

When I realized framework of our body is the perfect tool to make ourselves better human and we don’t need to look for something outside within that framework. 

I have been practicing yoga since I am 6 years old. After my multiple disc prolapses, fused spinal cords and knee rehabilitations at an younger age, my yoga practice took a tremendous change to suit my body needs and over the period of time in my own self practice, I realized that practicing yoga is very unique for each individual and the poses cannot be written on a paper as every body is designed different and so every individual practice is unique, that’s exactly when I was inspired to teach sustainable yoga.

Being a technologists, when I indulge in my deep passion towards yoga I find a way to balance between two integral part of life between the craziness and calmness and this is what I want to spread across the world, technology and yoga can make everyone’s life better from here.

If you could teach yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Makes no difference, every place is a unique experience.

What has been your most embarrassing yoga moment as a teacher or practitioner?

Sometimes when I miss to mirror.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about practicing yoga?

Talk to them to understand from their perception and help them move out of the obstacle.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being a teaching yoga?

Practice my own yoga better, win-win.

Where else can we find you?

https://audsper.com (founder)
https://innovills.com (co-founder)
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/santhakrishnasamy/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/audsper/

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Sukhmani and live music by SUKHA!

Enjoy this ancient uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practice with Sukhmani and her award-winning mantra band, SUKHA.  Kundalini Yoga incorporates physical movement to strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system as well as breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras to help process emotions and feelings, release stress, and help develop concentration and discipline of the mind.

Sukha is Southern California based husband/wife team Sukhmani and Sukhman.   Sukha exists to help people fall in love with the power and magic of mantra.  They play their own blend of unique and modern “rock inspired” mantra music for classes, events and festivals and tour extensively usually with an eclectic mix of world-class musicians and instruments.  Sukha is often a part of many of Sukhmani’sKundalini Yoga classes.  They usually include relaxing gong, bowl and didgeridoo sound healing as an added  relaxation treat.  Their critically acclaimed mantra album “Rise” was released in March 2016 and the band is almost finished with the follow-up, “Cusp”.    They were on the 2016 Grammy® Ballot for Best New Age Album of The Year.  Sukha is known for their high-vibration delivery to allow people to experience singing, sound, and mantra meditation in an accessible format for all.


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