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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 99 with Curious Monki Veronica Thai!

Veronica is a yoga teacher, podcaster and lifelong explorer.   She’s the host of the Curious Monki podcast – a yoga, spirituality and wellness based podcast designed to spark your journey of transformation.  She interviews yoga teachers, healers, coaches and great minds alike who are breaking ground to help others live heart led lives.  Her own stormy experiences taught her how to drop into her inner world and what it really means to “follow your heart”.  Now she works with intense optimism in her classes and podcast to cheer you on with the inspiration, tools and knowledge that you need to find and follow your own heart calling.

Check out more from Veronica at the links below!

website: curiousmonki.com or veronicathai.com (they go to the same place)
Instagram: @curiousmonki

Special thanks to Veronica for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Sharon Belknap Talks About Creating The Yamas and Niyamas Poster

Sharon Belknap the amazing artist who created the Yamas & Niyamas poster has a chat with me about how it came to be, from start to finish. I personally could not be happier with the finished product!! Grab a 8×10 or 14×11 for your studio or just about anywhere you can be reminded about Yoga’s ethical guide to living. 

If you want an awesome artist reach out to Sharon!

WEBSITE – Sharonbelknapdesign.com

  Also Included is a sheet to show supportive essences for each Yama and Niyama!!

Special thanks to Sharon for joining me on the show. Grab your poster HERE!

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 97 with Andrew Gordon – Yoga Moves You

Yoga Moves You Podcast host Andrew Gordon stops by to talk about how he completely transformed his business through Podcasting. A former yoga studio owner who has truly found what he loves and even offers a service to help others start their own podcast. Given the fact that he has a background in radio, it has a been a natural transition. Be sure to stay up with Andrew and all that he has going on, go HERE to learn how you can create your own podcast too!!

Special thanks to Andrew for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 96 with Kitty Orient – Insight From A Yoga Studio Owner

Listen to what it takes to run and operate a yoga studio from Kitty Orient a Las Vegas/Minneapolis based yoga teacher who decided to take the leap into studio ownership. Often I hear people say they want to open a yoga studio without truly understanding what it requires from you in the day to day. Great episode if you think owning a studio is for you.

Kitty began her yoga practice in 2001 at Bikram Yoga in Minneapolis. She found that yoga was an excellent means to keep her body healthy, while helping to rehab many old injuries from a life of running, gymnastics, and other sports. She learned over time that relaxation through the breath work that goes hand in hand with a yoga practice was helping her sleep as well as keeping her mind clear and calm on a day to day basis.

After 4 years of personal practice, she knew she wanted to teach, and in 2005 Kitty completed her first RYT-200 certification for Hot Yoga through Corepower Yoga in Minneapolis. She began teaching in the fall of 2005. Over the next year, she completed her second RYT-200 certification for Vinyasa Yoga, as well as training to teach Yoga Sculpt. In 2012, Kitty completed her third RYT-200, and RYT-500 training in Brazil through Modo Yoga. She also completed Modo Flow training in New York City in 2014. Kitty is a graduate of Align Pilates’ Align Barre training, and has been teaching Barre classes since 2009.

Modo Yoga Las Vegas

Modo Yoga Minneapolis

Special thanks to Kitty for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Andrew Belinsky Presents Chakra Metamorphosis

Andrew Belinsky  has put together a 4-Month Online Group Program to learn simple and powerful practices for more self awareness and joy. My kind of program if you ask me!! Andrew has been on the show before and let me tell you this guys has the goods. Learn directly from him and deepen your understanding of the Chakra system.

Do you want to feel more happiness, creativity and vitality in your daily experience?

Are you feeling disconnected from your purpose, your passion or other people?

Do you feel stuck in old habits, patterns and addictions?

Are you ready to transform your body, mind and energy with a consistent daily practice?

If you responded “yes” to any of these questions,


  • Learn the code of the human energy system and the elements that support to it

  • Transform your understanding of your own mind and body with daily movement, breath and meditation techniques

  • Kick start your daily practice with this totally adaptable yoga framework

  • Feel more joy, purpose and vitality in your daily life!

Learn more by going HERE or APPLY now if you are ready to dive in and breathe new life into your daily experience with a structured and consistent group program.

Here is a video Andrew did about the Chakra Metamorphosis program.

Special thanks to Andrew for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Creative Marketing To Help Your Yoga Business

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mothers out there! Today I was driving to hang with family and noticed a guy doing some genius promotion. I thought it would be cool to share with all of you! Short episode of how to be creative with your marketing! Enjoy!   

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Reviewing the Financial Section From Michelle Fondin’s Book

Today is a short episode on the financial section of Michelle Fondin’s book, How to Run a Successful Yoga Business and not Go Broke, you can find on our book page. This book has a ton of great info, I break it down further for the yoga teacher and touch on ways you can save money as a yoga teacher instead of studio owner. I touch on website, logo, business license, marketing and legal stuff!

Check out Chris Scott-Dixon’s episode for more insight into legal matters.

Also check out Fiverr if you want to save on your logo.

Take a look at our resource page for more tools that can help you as a yoga teacher. Thanks for listening!

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Avatar – The Ideal Client For Your Yoga Business

A client avatar is a detailed profile of the sort of person you want to be your ideal client. When you have a client avatar in place, you will be able to:

      • Reach out to and service a niche where you are recognised as the leading expert
      • Craft your marketing message so that it appeals to a specific person as opposed to being a generic message
      • Reach out to more of the right sort of clients because the “wrong” ones will not be interested in what you have to say
      • Save money because you will not be spending money on marketing activities that don’t work for you

Creating a client avatar is easy, all you need to do is create a template based on information that will help you profile your most valued client. At the end of this post, there is a free template that helps you create your own client avatar.

If you think that you don’t need an avatar because your yoga business appeals to everyone, think again.

You can surely offer yoga to everyone, but when you get clear on the type of practitioner that you want to work with, business is easier, because you are focused on the person you want to work with most.

ALSO, you will find that these clients spread the word about your yoga business to their friends and family members. This means that you will be found on social media, drawing more people to you. When you look closely at your customers, you will find that these clients will very likely share demographics in common, they will often hold similar values and they will be motivated by similar things.

In an ideal world, yes, you could teach yoga to anyone, but wouldn’t you prefer to focus on the group that provides you with the best results and gets the best from you?

By focusing all of your attention on your core customer group, you will be able to attract the right people and give them exactly what they are looking for.

The key reason for this competitive advantage comes with the fact that you can now tailor your message exactly to the right sort of customer. Don’t you think you can benefit by:

  Using the language that your customers use and feel comfortable with

  Creating the sort of offer that your ideal customer will respond to

  Filtering out the sort of clients that you would prefer to not work with and focus on the ones you do

By creating a client avatar, you can remove much of the guess-work involved with marketing and reaching out to your audience. This saves time, it saves money and it helps you make decisions that move your yoga business in the right direction .

Get started now, download your FREE client avatar template!


Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 92 – Sabrina Gallier from Fiitz Drops Some Science About Marketing and The Yoga Business

Sabrina Gallier breaks down the business of yoga and how much time you should be spending on sales and marketing for yoga teachers. Sabrina is the Co-founder of Fiitz – Find yoga anywhere. Teach yoga everywhere.
FiitZ is a community-driven platform for yogis, much like Airbnb is for travelers, with the objective to help the yoga industry reorganize as it matures further. We want to empower people to do more yoga, anywhere. Creating technology catered to yoga teachers is going to help students find the right classes, workshops, and retreats. Our vision is to make yoga easy to find and available everywhere, to everyone.  
In the last 1,5 years, Sabrina lived in 10 different places, and 3 different countries for her work before coming back home to San Diego. Her biggest challenge was to do yoga anywhere she went and find the teachers she could truly connect with. When Sabrina got back here, she was eager to make that process of finding a yoga teacher a bit easier and the whole experience, more pleasant. That is how FiitZ was born.  The people at Fiitz believe a 16 billion dollar industry could be better organized.  Today, 20.4 Million people practice yoga in the US. They want to bring yoga, wellness, and meditation to even more people worldwide.
Check out more from Sabrina and Fiitz Community!!

Special thanks to Sabrina for joining me on the show. Until next time!


Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 91 with Erin Clarelli From yOTga – Occupational Inspired Therapy Yoga

Erin Clarelli is awesome and so is her yoga business! We talk some of her fears she had from starting her yoga business and how if you just do it, it (your yoga business) will happen. Get out of your own way and hold a yoga class! 

More about Erin and her background..

Erin is a occupational therapist, certified children’s yoga teacher, sister, daughter, wife, friend, and fur mama. Her passion for yoga and mindfulness has always been intertwined into her work and she never realized how truly her treatment approach aligned with the holistic view of yoga… until now. She is eager to share these skills through interactive games, songs, play, and exploration of fun child centered Asanas (simply said – body positions) to support your child while challenging them to find their true potential. Erin is a rockstar!! Much love and thanks for listening!!

Link to her website/social media handles:

Special thanks to Erin for joining me on the show. Until next time!