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A podcast about yoga teaching, business, and just folks getting real!! Tune in to the show on your favorite platform for podcasts, if YogiTones is not there, hit us up and we will get it there. Much Love and thanks for listening!!

Yogi Tones Podcast with Ravi Singh – Life In The Vast Lane

With 35+ years teaching experience, this internationally celebrated New York / LA Teacher remains fresh in his quest to keep innovating with new methods, approaches, depth and insight. Ravi (with Ana Brett) is author of 25 best-selling yoga DVD’s and a new book: Kundalini Yoga – LIfe in the Vast Lane. Students travel from all over the world to attend his workshops and Teacher Trainings. His clients have included Olympic Athletes, celebrities (Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carrie Ann Moss, et al), top money managers, and people from all venues of life. He has taught at Yoga Journal Conferences, The OM Yoga Show in London, The Midwest Yoga Conference, The Sedona Yoga Conference, The Toronto Yoga Conference, The Aspen Music Festival, The Consciousness Festival in Istanbul and many others.

He’s been featured in Yoga Journal, Om Yoga Magazine, Yoga Magazine, Star, Self, Vogue, People, and many more. Ravi and Ana offer a 200/500 hr. Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program. They publish a monthly e-newsletter with 30,000 recipients. Their approach is powerful, inspiring, moving, and soulful. Ravi’s classes have been called life changing and life saving. In a very down to earth way, Ravi inspires students to access their inner vitality to shine, prosper, and excel in every area of their lives.

Link to the book – Life In The Vast Lane 

Website – raviana.com

Special thanks to Ravi for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast – Finding the Real Guru with Kat Da Silva

Today on the show is Kat Da Silva and we have some fun. Talking all things including yoga certifications and how you really don’t (kinda sorta) need one to teach yoga. People you wouldn’t expect to drop into a yoga class, who the real guru is, also farmers markets and how they can be a great place to spread your yoga love!!

Kat is a Passionate & Active Member of her Community – She knows no other way than Being the Change – being a Kickass Mom, Daughter, Sistah, Friend, and Human. She spends her time creating memories with her 12 year old son, teaching and living mindfulness, compassion, and embodiment through yoga, meditation, and other tools of self-reclamation. Kat finds deep pleasure in guiding her students in unlayering their stories and blocks, either on the mat or off, and holding the light while they discover their power, their peace, and the freedom of owning their bodies, their minds, and ultimately their lives. Kat believes in the power of community to create change and so she gives back by co-organizing events such as the Conscious San Jose Festival, serving in her local neighborhood committee driving anti-litter and beautification initiatives, and actively participating as a member of the Be the Change Collective. Kat’s future projects include bringing hope, guidance, and empowerment to moms through her Root to Rise Yoga & Lifestyle Coaching practice. Ultimately, Kat envisions a world where women heal, feel empowered, and see themselves wholly and deeply, allowing those around them to be just as deeply touched, loved, and transformed.

Special thanks to Kat for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast with Eman Zabi The Scribesmith

Eman Zabi is the copywriter and brand strategist behind The Scribesmith, where she crafts high-converting copy infused with personality and entertainment for brands that aren’t afraid to stand out.

Looking for an air-punching bottom line that doesn’t require you to sound like a corporate stooge?
She can help.

Connect with her!

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Sequencing Your Yoga Class With Nikki Krause

Nikki and I talk all about sequencing on the show today, Nikki is a regular guest on the show and always brings the goods! She breaks down different ways you can use sequencing in your yoga class. Tons of gems in this one if you are looking to build a solid sequence for your students.

Special thanks to Nikki for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast with Gianna Wozney – Helping People Stand!

Gianna Wozney is a yoga teacher based out of New Jersey. She did her teacher training in Paia, Maui at the Maui Yoga Shala. Teaching for two years, Gianna has been running her own business since she returned from the island. Traveling around from gym, to wellness center, to chiropractic office, to library to anywhere Gianna has been spreading her passion for yoga to everyone ages 3 months to 89 years old! 

Her yoga philosophy is all about staying true to you and working to better yourself- mentally, physically and emotionally and her passion is spreading knowledge to people who think that there is no more to learn about themselves. 
You can find her on instagram @mauiyogawg, on facebook or on her website at yogawithgianna.com

Yogi Tones Podcast with Julie Quinn from Quinntessentials talks Yoga Teaching and Business Building

Julie Quinn offers yoga at GinsengMOSAIC, and Fit Athletic with classes ranging from Yin Yoga, Restorative, Beginning and advanced Vinyasa classes. Special events, lectures, and retreats are also offered periodically. Please keep in touch @Quinnsights on Instagram.  

Julie is a certified Yoga Teacher, and Herbalist based in San Diego, California.  As the owner of Quinntessentials Organic Essential Oil Products, she blends her diverse interests and expertise to create a healing experience for all who join her on the mat. 

Julie grew up in Nebraska and trained early in life to be a dancer, later earning a BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago.  She has always been drawn to herbs, essential oils, and alternative healing, which lead her to study Herbology while dancing in Chicago and working at spas and wellness centers. She spent years learning all about the healing arts, nutrition, herbology, and aromatherapy while working closely with many inspiring teachers.  

She started to create her own products once she understood the need for chemical free and essential oil rich ingredients in the things we use everyday.  Follow @quinntessentialsproducts for more information on her business.  

She discovered Yoga in 1999 and explored several different styles, such as Bikram, Hatha, Anusara, Acro, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa, completing seven unique teacher trainings, including a 200 hour certification with YogaWorks.  Currently, she teaches at MOSAIC in Golden Hill, Ginseng in South Park, and Fit Athletic in the East Village.   

Julie’s classes range from Restorative to Yin to challenging Vinyasa flow with a focus on alignment and connection.  Julie is passionate about sharing a creative yoga practice that is enjoyable and accessible for all people, beginners and advanced practitioners alike.  Her approach is to encourage others to find their connection.  Aligning the students with asana, pranayama, meditation, insights, aromatherapy, and energy work.   

Be sure to grab some Quinntessentials products!

Special thanks to Julie for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Inspiration for Life on the Yogi Tones Podcast with Katie B!

Combine Katie’s BA in International Conflict Resolution (Ni Hao, Ma?), with master yoga/personal training certifications (Namaste’), and her mad dance party skills, get ready for a work out and most importantly get a WORK IN. Katie B uses her b_inspired initiative to awaken a deeper part of your spirit. From losing her mom at 14 to breast cancer to her facial paralysis with Bells Palsy, she takes inner transformation seriously. Her b_inspired courses in India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Italy, Spain, China, Colombia and beyond have challenged thousands of participants to combine sweat with DEPTH. 
Katie B Happyy has been featured in SHAPE magazineSan Diego Reader, ​appeared on NBC, CBS, as an internationallululemon model/ambassador, taught at festivals including Wanderlust,International Yoga Festival in India, The One Love Movement, Five Elements, Sweat for Service, and more. Her main mentors and influencers are Mooji, Swamiji ChitanandSaraswatiji, Brene Brown, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Landmark Curriculum, NLP, Mike Dooley, and a current candidate for her Masters in Leadership from USD. Currently, #b_inspired takes on public classes in San Diego, leading 8 international spiritual empowerment retreats annually, and sees private clients from all over the world virtually on a weekly basis. 
Join the #b_inspired tribe @katiebhappyywww.binspired.life – to peel back your layers and expose you to your POWER and PASSION. 

Special thanks to Katie for joining me on the show. Until next time!


Yogi Tones Podcast with Arturo Peal Talking Persistence and Voice Lessons for Yoga Teachers

Arturo Peal is a Certified Yoga therapist who holds a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and practices Craniosacral Therapy.  He has been involved in the “alternative” health-care field for more than 30 years, teaching anatomy and physiology for yoga teacher trainings, body workers, and for other movement specialists. Arturo teaches trainings in New York, San Francisco, Slovenia, Australia and Italy. 

For more from Arturo check out his WEBSITE!

Special thanks to Arturo for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Yoga Faith Chicago

Yogi Tones Podcast with YogaFaith Teacher Jennifer Swets

Jennifer Swets is on the show today! We talk church, yoga, and how you can have faith in both! 

Jennifer loves Jesus and yoga and finds peace when combining both on the mat.  She has a passion to facilitate spiritual and emotional healing through Christ centered yoga.  She is a YogaFaith Ambassador and has a heart to train Christian yoga teachers.

Listen in and enjoy your day!!

Find out more about Jennifer Swets with links below!

Website: YogaFaith.org

Instagram: @YogaFaithChicago

Facebook: @YogaFaithChicago

Special thanks to Jennifer for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast with Sabrina Gallier – Yoga Teacher Marketing Done Right

Sabrina Gallier is back on the podcast again bringing practical tips for you to market yourself as a yoga teacher. Whats great about Sabrina is she doesn’t sugar coat anything, if you want to market yourself as a yoga teacher the right way, listen to what she has to say!
Sabrina is the Co-founder of Fiitz – Find yoga anywhere. Teach yoga everywhere.
FiitZ is a community-driven platform for yogis, much like Airbnb is for travelers, with the objective to help the yoga industry reorganize as it matures further. We want to empower people to do more yoga, anywhere. Creating technology catered to yoga teachers is going to help students find the right classes, workshops, and retreats. Our vision is to make yoga easy to find and available everywhere, to everyone.  
In the last 1,5 years, Sabrina lived in 10 different places, and 3 different countries for her work before coming back home to San Diego. Her biggest challenge was to do yoga anywhere she went and find the teachers she could truly connect with. When Sabrina got back here, she was eager to make that process of finding a yoga teacher a bit easier and the whole experience, more pleasant. That is how FiitZ was born.  The people at Fiitz believe a 16 billion dollar industry could be better organized.  Today, 20.4 Million people practice yoga in the US. They want to bring yoga, wellness, and meditation to even more people worldwide.
Check out more from Sabrina and Fiitz Community!!
Grab your Free marketing guide from Fiitz HERE!

Special thanks to Sabrina for joining me on the show. Until next time!