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Yogi Tones Podcast with Eman Zabi The Scribesmith

Eman Zabi is the copywriter and brand strategist behind The Scribesmith, where she crafts high-converting copy infused with personality and entertainment for brands that aren’t afraid to stand out.

Looking for an air-punching bottom line that doesn’t require you to sound like a corporate stooge?
She can help.

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Yogi Tones Podcast with Sabrina Gallier – Yoga Teacher Marketing Done Right

Sabrina Gallier is back on the podcast again bringing practical tips for you to market yourself as a yoga teacher. Whats great about Sabrina is she doesn’t sugar coat anything, if you want to market yourself as a yoga teacher the right way, listen to what she has to say!
Sabrina is the Co-founder of Fiitz – Find yoga anywhere. Teach yoga everywhere.
FiitZ is a community-driven platform for yogis, much like Airbnb is for travelers, with the objective to help the yoga industry reorganize as it matures further. We want to empower people to do more yoga, anywhere. Creating technology catered to yoga teachers is going to help students find the right classes, workshops, and retreats. Our vision is to make yoga easy to find and available everywhere, to everyone.  
In the last 1,5 years, Sabrina lived in 10 different places, and 3 different countries for her work before coming back home to San Diego. Her biggest challenge was to do yoga anywhere she went and find the teachers she could truly connect with. When Sabrina got back here, she was eager to make that process of finding a yoga teacher a bit easier and the whole experience, more pleasant. That is how FiitZ was born.  The people at Fiitz believe a 16 billion dollar industry could be better organized.  Today, 20.4 Million people practice yoga in the US. They want to bring yoga, wellness, and meditation to even more people worldwide.
Check out more from Sabrina and Fiitz Community!!
Grab your Free marketing guide from Fiitz HERE!

Special thanks to Sabrina for joining me on the show. Until next time!

Meetup With Stretchtopia About Marketing For Yoga Teachers

Met with the founder of Stretchtopia Christine Mathias and Courtney Wigner about getting gigs and organizing a meetup. My voice was in a struggle this day, but hang in there, Christine has some great insight into building a yoga business.

Stretchtopia is a mobile yoga and wellness studio based in sunny San Diego. They have a team of the best instructors of San Diego with one unified goal: to make yoga inclusive, accessible, and empowering for everyone. Their primary method of reaching new students is by working with businesses to bring yoga to the office. Check them out!! Maybe they have a teaching spot for you!!

WEBSITE – Stretchtopia

Facebook Page


Creative Marketing To Help Your Yoga Business

Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mothers out there! Today I was driving to hang with family and noticed a guy doing some genius promotion. I thought it would be cool to share with all of you! Short episode of how to be creative with your marketing! Enjoy!   

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