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Income Report For March 2018

It can be challenging to be a full time yoga teacher, especially if you are like me and find it difficult to teach four classes a day. This month I did not put in as much work as I usually do, as far as reaching outside of studios to teach. The result is less money and the realization that being a yoga teacher outside of the studio means you have to on or you don’t get paid. We have to be able to get creative and always look for opportunities to teach if we don’t have the studios to hand us classes, which even then can be tough to get. I hope you find the report useful and thank you for listening. Until next time!!

January 2018 Income Report

Hey guys! I put together a quick episode about how much money I made as a yoga teacher in January. I plan to bring more episodes that document my journey as a yoga instructor and break down the reality of what it takes to make full time money as a yoga teacher. Lots of things going on and am in works with a local artist on two different projects that are yoga related, plus an experienced yoga instructor putting together a product to be sold on the site!! I have also started a new podcast with my buddy Jay Ojeda and would say that too is part of the big picture. What are you working on that can be connected to your yoga teaching? Are you selling crystals? Giving Reiki? There are many many different opportunities to make money that can come from your teaching, get creative with your work and lets connect!! 

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