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Lauren Robinson and Pina Tripodi Give Some Insight into Planning the Peace, Love and Lavender Retreat

Lauren Robinson and Pina Tripodi talk about their upcoming Peace, Love and Lavender retreat! If you plan on holding a retreat yourself then this is a great episode for you! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!
  To sign up or learn more about retreat go to PeaceLoveLavender.eventbrite.com
  Check out the Facebook group 
  Use the Discount code for 20% OFF: PeaceNLove

More about the Lauren and Pina..

Lauren Robinson, RYT-200, Reiki, and Myofascial Release Practitioner is dedicated to healing the mind, body and soul through creative movement.

Having completed her 200-hour Prana Vinyasa® Yoga certification in Raleigh, NC she transitioned to the west coast and currently resides in San Diego, studying under global Prana Vinyasa teacher, Shiva Rea. Lauren is actively working towards her 500-hour certification where she has expanded her skills to include Yoga Trance Dance® offerings.

Website    Facebook     Instagram

Pina Tripodi, M.Ed, Reiki Master, RYT-200, & Kids Yoga Teacher

Pina always knew she was going to be a teacher, and for the past 8 years she has done just that as a special educator working with children and adolescents. Little did she know that this was just the beginning. When she allowed herself to receive all of the possibilities that were in store for her, she realized that there was so much more to learn and to teach to those ready to learn them.

Yoga, Reiki, art, & essential oils all hold a special place in her heart and have all been transformative methods of hollistic healing in her life . Pina feels there is nothing quite like being able to give love to another person in the form of creating, teaching, and healing. 

 Website    Facebook     Instagram

Special thanks to Pina and Lauren for being on. Until next time!!

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Karla Rodas Shares About Corporate Yoga Gigs With Stretchtopia!!

Karla Rodas chats about a corporate yoga training taking place very soon! Any time you can find training to build your yoga career and learn about new ways to find gigs is always a good thing. Listen in to what Karla has to say about this upcoming training and if corporate yoga teaching would be something for you!

Go to Stretchtopia to learn more about the training. If you plan on attending get in now to take advantage of the early bird special!

Special thanks to Karla for chatting with me about this training. Until next time!

Marc Devoe and the Buddha Music Group Presents! DTO and Kiyoshi Album Release featuring Nicky Genesis and Jon Goodhue Live at The Belly Up

Marc Devoe from the Buddha Music Group and I chat about the upcoming event March 20th. Short notice but its all good because you can still purchase a ticket and have it go towards a good cause! One part goes to the Sean O’ Shea Foundation whose mission is to empower youth through yoga, nutrition and optimistic teachings. Also the Connected Warriors who empower Service members, Veterans and their Families worldwide through Trauma-Conscious Yoga. This event is a win-win-win-win and win!! Link below for tickets, see you there!!

  DTO and Kiyoshi Album Release featuring Nicky Genesis and Jon Goodhue Live at The Belly Up Tickets  

Dave Kemp Chats about 7 songs for 7 chakras; Infinite Energy by DTO

Ran into Dave Kemp at the San Diego Yoga Festival! He has some awesome stuff happening! Listen into see what he is up to and help us sell out the Belly Up Tavern!!
Save the date, March 20, spring equinox!  
Album launch party at Belly Up!   7 songs for 7 chakras; Infinite Energy by DTO and The Medicine Garden by Kiyoshi featuring Nicky Genesis and Jon Goodhue. 
Tickets are only $11 with proceeds benefiting Sean O’Shea Foundation and Connected Warriors. 
Purchase yours today!

San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Vida Mai!

Cheryl Parks from Vida Mai chats about what they will be offering at the festival! See you at the San Diego Yoga Festival March 9th – March 12th!!

Cheryl started practicing yoga about 7 years ago, she decided after about a year to deepen her practice and knowledge of the meaning of yoga and became a yoga teacher! 
While traveling to Asia to explore and visit friends, who also have yoga studios in Indonesia, she was very fortunate to be able teach and practice yoga there. 

Cheryl became inspired to start a business that had to do with health and fitness; one place in particular held a special place in her heart, that was the island of Bali. 

Sharing the love of travel for many reasons such as expanding her mind creatively when exploring new places or returning to discover more is where the inspiration for our world atlas prints came from as well! Cheryl will have lots to share at the festival! Check out her booth when you’re there!!

Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic

Dr.Joe & Dr.Stacey Merlo are the inspired owners of Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic for over 12 years. They specialize in the whole family taking care of kids, moms, dads & the grandparents! They have been yoga enthusiasts for over 20 years and are excited to support the San Diego Yoga Festival!

Stop by for a free screening at the festival and check them out online at Good Vibrations Chiropractic!

Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! The Now and Then Band

“A stripped down trio paying homage to good songwriting from yesterday and today. Breathing new life and unique perspective into the songs that resonate with us, giving them a new opportunity to touch people.”

A band that will be performing at the San Diego Yoga Festival!!


Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Bowspring Yoga with Sarah Haughton

Bowspring is a global shift in the paradigm of yoga alignment. Bowspring is a powerful methodology of movement that encourages and strengthens the natural curves of our human bodies. Bowspring liberates our bodies to discover our fullest potential not only on our yoga mats, but in our daily lives. Bowspring is powerful posturing combined with pulsations of movement that will guarantee you a healthy spine, lightness in your body and a positive mindset for balanced daily living. It is required for a student to come to this class with an open, beginner’s mindset in order to fully benefit from all that Bowspring has to offer.

Sarah is the first certified Bowspring teacher in California, and has studied directly with Desi Springer and John Friend since 2012 to heal her body from over-use injuries caused by years of traditional yoga, while also to enabling her to be able to teach this powerful method to her community. Sarah is a part of the growing Global Bowspring community, and works daily not only on her own Bowspring practice but also on connecting with the growing global network of teachers and students. Sarah is proud to have opened the first Bowspring Yoga Studio in California, Yoga Bow.

Be sure to check out Yoga Bow and take Sarah’s class!!

Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents Sacred Surf!!

Sacred Surf

Will be at the San Diego Yoga Festival March 9th-12th providing surf lessons!! 

It all started with love…

Our story began in 2011 on a beach in beautiful San Diego. We met on a hot summer day with the sun blazing and crystal clear water crashing just a few feet away.  We shared our stories and realized that we both lived on the same street, less than a mile apart. This made it easy for us to see each other and build the loving relationship that we have today. Over the years we have spent our time together traveling and exploring new countries, attending world renowned music and yoga festivals, and sharing our passion of adventure with friends and family.

Sacred Surf was born after we realized that our current jobs were not fulfilling our souls. We worked long hours day in day out, yet we didn’t feel as though our efforts were facilitating services that aligned with our values. Tarin’s love for yoga awakened her intuition and she began her spiritual journey by completing her yoga teacher training in 2011. Yoga has allowed her to find inner peace, inspiration and balance. Nick’s love for the ocean and passion for adventure lead him to surfing, hiking, biking and all things groovy. He completed his yoga teacher training in August 2016. Together they decided to become Reiki Practitioners. 

We decided to fill our lives with the things we love and we structured our business around that concept. Do what you love and love what you do. We combined our love for the ocean, surfing, and yoga into our business and it was the best decision we ever made!

Stay groovy,

Nick and Tarin

Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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San Diego Yoga Festival Presents! Mark West from the Imperial Beach City Council

  1. Mark West was elected to City Council in December 2016. His primary goal is improving the quality of
    life for all residents by ensuring that Imperial Beach remains the Best of the Best of Southern
    California. Mark’s community involvement previously included membership on the International
    Boundary and Water Commission, the Imperial Beach Redevelopment Successor Agency and the
    Mayor’s Advisory Committee. Currently Mark serves on the San Diego Regional Airport Authority,
    South County Economic Development Council, San Diego Association of Government (SANDAG)
    Bayshore Bikeway Committee and is the alternate on the SANDAG Executive Committee.
    Mark hails from Denver, Colorado. Upon graduation from high school in 1986, Mark enlisted in the
    United States Navy. In 1996, Mark was selected for the Enlisted Commissioning Program and enrolled
    at the University of Colorado Boulder where he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1998.
    Upon commissioning, Mark served on multiple warships prior to his early selection for command at
    sea. Ultimately, he decided to retire in 2011 after a successful twenty-four- year career.
    Following retirement, Mark enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver and completed a Master in
    Public Administration. During that time Mark worked on coastal pollution issues in Imperial Beach and
    in Mexico while serving as the Program Leader for the No Border Sewage Committee for Surfrider San
    Diego. In 2014, Mark was selected to be the Chair of the San Diego chapter of Surfrider, leading the
    largest and most active chapter in the world.

Mark has two adult children and he and his wife Megan currently have two-four legged children, Chloe
and Nani. In addition to daily surfing, he enjoys walking the trails of the Tijuana estuary, working in
his garden, traveling the world, eating good food, biking, and reading an occasional book.

Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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