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Karla Rodas Shares About Corporate Yoga Gigs With Stretchtopia!!

Karla Rodas chats about a corporate yoga training taking place very soon! Any time you can find training to build your yoga career and learn about new ways to find gigs is always a good thing. Listen in to what Karla has to say about this upcoming training and if corporate yoga teaching would be something for you!

Go to Stretchtopia to learn more about the training. If you plan on attending get in now to take advantage of the early bird special!

Special thanks to Karla for chatting with me about this training. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 88 with Karla Rodas – La Vida Yoga Con Karla!!

Karla Rodas , RYT-200 and Reiki Practitioner, is an ambassador of love and hugger of sweaty beings. It wasn’t always that way. She found yoga at the perfect time in her life. As a Navy spouse and mother of two sons, she was stressed out and wound tight when her husband deployed for many months at a time. With dedication to her new found practice and the help of her first teachers at Chula Vista yoga, she learned tools to help her in her daily life. Since her first 200-hr training, she’s completed several trainings and specializes in yoga for trauma/military communities, restorative-yin and yoga therapeutics for those suffering from chronic pain and injury. She offers REIKI + RESTORE workshops to support healing in the community. 

Through yoga and writing, her greatest hope is to help others self-heal and tap into their own inner beauty, strength and limitless potential, always with humor and love. Karla, a native New Yorker, now lives a chill California life, (thanks to YOGA), joined by her beloved husband Frank and two sons.

Visit Karla on her website – La Vida Yoga Con Karla

Also check her reflections on life, yoga and other fun stuff HERE!

Special thanks to Karla for joining me this week. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 83 With Sophia Da Silva Hopson – To Be Inspired

What a great episode! I got to sit down and chat it up with the amazing Sophia Da Silva Hopson and she does not disappoint. We get real about teaching yoga and what it truly means to us. Sophia is someone that will bring the best out of you whether on the mat or in a conversation at your local library.

Sophia believes that teaching is an act of service that embodies Maya Angelou’s quote, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” This is the quintessence of her core beliefs as a yoga teacher.

As a practitioner of yoga first, she is committed to learning in perpetuity. Sophia is certain that the totality of yoga has something to offer you if you come open, willing and ready to fall madly in love with where you are. She will tell you that Strength and Flexibility are not required, just an open mind and an open heart.

Her classes are a blend of mind/body integration and an emphasis on SOUL.

Tons of gems on this episode, listen in and enjoy your day!!

Stay tuned for Podcast Om My Goodness and check her out at Mosaic Yoga!!

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Special thanks to Sophia for joining me this week. Until next time!



Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 63 With Danielle Radulski – Roll With The Punches

Danielle Radulski is a twenty something yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast and wannabe chef from Westchester, New York. Her mission is to enjoy a happy and healthy life doing the things she loves, while trying to help others do the same. From yoga flows, to healthy recipes and travel tales she shares it all through her blog, The Silver Lining Yoga and Instagram Page @Danielle_Radulski.

Danielle came to yoga from a health scare that caused her to need to put her body and wellbeing, first, and before her social life and unhealthy habits. From this experience, she decided that there truly is a “silver lining” to every situation.

Check out her blog – The Silver Lining Yoga

Practice with Danielle on YouTube 

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Special thanks to Danielle for joining me this week. Until next time!

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 55 With Emily Desmond – The Teacher’s Teacher

Emily has over 10 years of experience as a yoga instructor in settings ranging from large gyms, private and national studios, corporations, schools to private clients. She has opened and managed a yoga studio, established onboarding and offboarding processes for a national yoga business, and created successful customer service processes, classroom consistency and brand awareness for multiple yoga studios.

Emily holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is passionate about working with people and fostering community. She excels in helping people clarify and pursue their goals and believes in their potential to do amazing things and follow their dreams. She is flexible, enthusiastic, compassionate and practical.

When she is not coaching or teaching you will find her surfing, on her mat or the pilates reformer, learning a new skill, snuggling her rescue puppy or finding any excuse to get outside.

Work with Emily – Candeo Coaching

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Special thanks to Emily for joining me this week. Until next time!