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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 80 With Michelle Marchildon – Theme Weaver

Michelle Marchildon is The Yogi Muse. She’s an award-winning journalist and the co-author of most recently, “Fearless After Fifty: How to Thrive with Grace, Grit and Yoga.” Her first book, Finding More on the Mat: How I Grew Better, Wiser and Stronger through Yoga, shows how to laugh through the tears to enlightenment. Her book, Theme Weaver: Connect the Power of Inspiration to Teaching Yoga, is used by YTT’s worldwide. She’s an E-500 RYT based in Denver, Colorado.  You can find her in Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Mantra Yoga and Health Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 79 With Lainey Morse – The Real Goat Yoga

Lainey Morse has a unique story that not many people can relate to. An idea that started by a twist of fate in the back field of her farm, is now a World-Wide phenomenon and it’s growing by the day. When Lainey first combined the words goat and yoga for a simple event in the Summer of 2016, she inadvertently created a media whirlwind. Since then, life has been anything but simple. At one time, she had over 2,300 people on a wait list to try her newfound classes of Goat Yoga. Lainey has appeared in hundreds of media outlets around the World, including Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, National Geographic and many more. Lainey has been in Marketing & Business Development for over 15 Years and is now focused on expanding her Goat Yoga business and being the pioneer of using goats as therapy animals.

For more from Lainey and Goat Yoga click the links below!

Website – goatyoga.net


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Yogi Tones Featured Teacher – Eva Sklaver

What type of yoga do you teach?

Vinyasa Flow and Restorative

Which studio/s do you teach at?

Bodyscapes Fitness and Evolve Fitness

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?

Laughing Lotus, YogaWorks, JP Yoga Center

What do you like the most about practicing there?

The teachers

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

I have string home practice. I try to take my yoga off my yoga mat in many ways…but I think I’m short, bringing the awareness that a strong yoga practice offers into the world and hopefully contributing to healing the world.

The world ends tomorrow. What would you indulge in tonight?

Time with my family

What was your first experience as a yoga teacher?

Teaching kids yoga

Imagine you’re on the cover of Yoga Journal. What pose would you strike?

I think I would go for something simple, like lotus pose with my hands in prayer, to leave the ego out of it.

What inspires you to teach yoga?

Bringing something I’m incredibly passionate about to others.

If you could teach yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?

France, Bali, Tibet, Spain, Greece, Armenia

What has been your most embarrassing yoga moment as a teacher or practitioner?

When I forget which side we are on 🙃

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about practicing yoga?

Do it!!! There are so many advantages! It will change your life!

What music are you jamming to right now?

I mostly use acoustic. I love Kevin Paris!

What has been the most rewarding thing about being a teaching yoga?

There are so many!
The people I meet, seeing my students grow their yoga practice, growing my own teaching, finding my voice, loving what I do!

Where else can we find you?

[email protected]cowgirl.yogini

Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 78 With Lisa Samuels – Building A Community

Lisa Samuels is a registered dietitian and 200hr RYT from Queens, New York.  She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching Hatha and restorative yoga for three.  Lisa truly sees how important and beneficial yoga is for the body,mind, and spirit.  However, she felt something was missing from the yoga world- a sense of community that not only loves, but embraces and welcomes everyone with open arms.  With that mission in mind, Lisa decided to open The Happie House, a community wellness center.  There, the aim is to free the body, mind, and spirit of toxic thoughts and behaviors, especially fear, through a vast offering of yoga classes, nutrition lectures and counseling sessions, and social gatherings.  The Happie House will be opening soon, and Lisa cannot wait to experience it with all of you!  Namaste! 

Instagram: @the_happie_house
Facebook: TheHappieHouse/

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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 77 With Amina Taha – Trust Your Journey

This episode features Amina Taha and she is awesome! We chat about teaching yoga of course but also how a direct message on Instagram can lead to business for you as a teacher, because it’s exactly what happened to Amina.
With a background in fine arts, fashion and philosophy, Amina’s approach to yoga is one that honors the harmony between the bodily movements in asana and the mind. After completing her masters in fashion design in New York, Amina relocated to Dubai at the age of 27 and attended a yoga class out of curiosity. Ever since then, she was drawn to how you can unlock layers of tension in your body through yoga and through freeing your mind.
Amina is constantly studying techniques, anatomy; exploring yoga fully, through her own practice and teachings of others. In June 2016, Amina has completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at YogaWorks, New York City led by Chrissy Carter. In July 2017, Amina obtained her 500 hour teaching certification under Jared McCann at Lighthouse Yoga School. Amina believes that precise alignment and integrity in technique are integral for a lifelong asana practice, and encourages the cultivation of sensitivity and awareness to the body using the breath. Amina’s classes, privates and workshops are dedicated to opening the heart, strengthening and freeing the body from tension in order to be free in its infinite possibilities of movement without limitation.
Find more from Amina @aminatahayoga.com
IG – @aminahtaha

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San Diego Yoga Festival Class – Yoga With Pets

Chatted with Shawna Schenk about a special class at the upcoming San Diego Yoga Festival!

Even your pets are welcome at this festival! Come for this special, fun and unique yoga class with your pet. All pets welcome (with all levels of yoga experience!) 

This special class was created by Yoga With Shawna and is led by four of her most recent graduates: Pina, Natalie, Josulan, and Natalie.  Shawna, the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, is known for her creativity and applicability of yoga making it reach all people (and things!) in all ways and so this special class was created in her most recent yoga teacher training. Become a certified yoga teacher with Shawna’s teacher training starting in May. Learn more here. 

Saturday March 10th, 12pm

Get Tickets Here

San Diego Yoga Festival Class – Walking Meditation to the USA-Mexico Border

Join us in this unique and powerful experience: a meditative walk from festival grounds down to the USA-Mexico Border. We will walk on the beach until the end of the country! Here you will see a fence out- reaching into the ocean separating San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

Once you reach the border, you are invited to meditate or engage in a personal yoga practice and feel connected to unity. As many parts of the country may be trying to put up a bigger wall, we are focused on tearing down the walls around our heart and living in love. You can watch the ocean as it crashes on both sides of the border, and see and hear the beautiful people on the beach in Mexico! Your walking tour guide will also lead a group meditation.

Please note: This special walking meditation experience will take about 3-5 hours, it is a 3 mile beach walk (each way) to the border from the festival and  is about a 1.5 hour walk each way. Also, you may get wet: on one part of the beach is where the Tijuana River meets the Ocean: here you may have to walk through water (note low tide is 11:23 am) and so it is important to walk to and from the boarder during low tide hours.  Many times the walk through the water is ankle or knee deep but sometimes it is up to your hips. Please advise.

This is also a beach walk on un-even sand so wear proper foot-ware and bring a towel (bathing suit and possibly a change of clothes). Because of the water quality in our neighboring country, it is advised to not swim once you get down to the ocean at the border.

This experience in unforgettable and the energy there is mind-blowing and beautiful. We are excited to share this with you!

Saturday March 10th, 9am

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Sunset Savasana Class with Founder of San Diego Yoga Festival

To close your epic day, join founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, Shawna Schenk, in the sweetest, sunset savasana on the sand. You will be put  a POWERFUL Savasana: 30 minutes of complete surrender as you roll out your mat and just  rest absorbing all that you released and all that you’ve become after your day of yoga! You will rest in Corpse Pose with hundreds of festival goers as the ocean crashes right next to your ear, you breathe in the salt air and the sunsets. 

Savasana is translated to Corpse Pose and celebrates the death of who you were and the awakening of who will become. Sunset is the most auspicious time to practice as it is when the earth is coming in harmony. Bring a blanket to get cozy!

Shawna Schenk, the founder and creator of San Diego Yoga Festival and co-creator,  is a San Diego yoga teacher, Reiki master, author, and spiritual activist leading classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, and festivals throughout North America. She has created a 7 teacher trainings and authored a number of books including “Yoga for Teens.” She has also founded the first free beach yoga movement in San Diego providing free yoga to her community) in three different beach towns, every day, sometimes offering up to 3 classes a day. Shawna is beyond stoked to provide this festival for you all!

Saturday March 10th, 515pm

Get Tickets Here

San Diego Yoga Festival Class – Reiki for Your Pet

Even your pets are welcome at this festival! Bring your pet to receive energy healing and Chakra balancing at this Reiki for Pets workshop! Learn all about energy healing and how it works on animals. Then allow your pet to receive a FREE Reiki session by one of our Reiki Healers trained in animal energy healing. Crystals and oracle cards may even be used! All animals and pets welcome for we all have chakras and we all are energy. 

Reiki given by Reiki Masters from Yoga With Shawna. Shawna, the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival,  has given hundreds of thousands of Reiki sessions and has trained hundreds of Reiki Practitioners from Level 1 to Mastership  through her businesses Yoga With Shawna and ReikiCertifications.com. Her creative, connected, applicable approach to energy teaches how to connect with the energy body in all ways for healing. Along with Reiki, she uses teaches from Shamanism, Eastern Medicine, and her soul to provide energetic experiences that deeply heal and transform. She owns one of the few “Energy Sound Tables” in the country. Allow your pets to experience the benefit of Reiki and energy healing with graduates of Shawna’s Reiki program. 

Sunday March 11th, 11am

Get Tickets Here

San Diego Yoga Festival Class – Yoga for UNITY: English with Spanish and ASL translation Yoga Class

Yoga knows no language, this class will be led by Shawna Schenk the founder of the San Diego Yoga Festival and will be a gentle class that promotes unity and togetherness.

 Spanish translation by Karla Rhodes of Yoga Con Karla.
March 11th, 345pm.