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Welcome to Yogi Tones!!

This site is all about yoga teachers and their amazing way they spread love and energy on and off the mat. All the while trying to make a real living from teaching yoga or running a yoga studio.

Shedding as much light as possible with the podcast and blog about how to do this yoga thing full time for others to do the same, if they choose. Either way, yogi tones can be a resource for them at any point in your yoga career.

The content on this site will give you an idea of what it’s like to be a yoga teacher and possibly inspire you to take the step towards teaching yoga yourself or taking your already yoga teaching job to new heights. It will most certainly give you a deeper understanding of what a yoga teacher does to maintain a flow of goodness and groceries.

If you have an interest in teaching yoga as a profession or the practice of yoga, we have something for you.

 The Teacher Behind Yogi Tones

Teaching yoga is my Jam! After trying several different career paths, yoga was the first that I truly loved and wanted more of. After finishing my 200 hr training through yoga alliance, I immediately started teaching and freaking loved it. In my classes I hold nothing back and enjoy packaging up my life experience in a way that students can relate to their own lives. I love to see people give their best, whether that is pushing themselves further or scaling back and giving themselves a much needed break their body is craving. I believe within in all of us is an original greatness, something that is uniquely ours and given to us to share. Not many things get me more excited than to help people reveal their true original greatness. Check out my services!!

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