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Yoga Molding

Often times when I am teaching yoga, I get thoughts of how I want to mold the students and get them to where I want them with postures in a sequence. That doesn’t always work out well because each person that comes to a yoga class is different. Different beliefs, body type, ideas of who they are or were in the past, present and future. We all can’t go to the same place and probably don’t want to in our yoga practice. We all offer something totally unique to the world that nobody else can offer. My kids often remind me that I need to stop trying to make them into what I want and allow them to explore and be who they are truly meant to be. My daughter did this little video of her molding a snowman and as she was creating it, I had to remind myself that it’s ok for slime to be on the table, or fall off of it. Getting messy is how we learn and how we can then guide others to learning as well.

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