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Jessie Brady Offering A Reiki Sound Bath At The OC Yoga Festival

Jessie Brady grew up in Southern California. She has a professional background as a designer and photographer. In addition to her creative business, she is passionate about holistic health and eastern concepts of healing. Jessie has been drawn to the path of working with subtle body energies for over 10 years and provides Yoga classes and restorative Reiki healing to the community. You can book private or group sessions through her wellness business loveandlightwellness.com.
What to expect from Jessie at the festival.
Time: 12:00pm – 1:15pm
Reiki Sound Bath
Gift yourself the opportunity to lay back and completely receive the restorative healing energies of Reiki and the rejuvenating benefits of Sound Meditation through use of Crystal Gemstone, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other instruments as you begin to free yourself from blockages and open up new possibilities for yourself. Throughout the class, Jessie Brady will offer Reiki healing to each participant, bringing energetic alignment to the subtle body as recipients rest comfortably supported. Nelda Alvarez will provide a beautiful sound bath and mantras to help you gain clarity, open your heart and release anxiety. This combination of these rejuvenating practices will leave you feeling nurtured and renewed in body, mind and spirit.

– Find a greater sense of grounding/centering from supported stillness
– Release stress and tension naturally
– Experience heightened mental clarity, sharper focus, activated internal energy in a controlled way
– Go spiritually deeper within, connecting more strongly to yourself and others
– Leave the Reiki Sound Bath from a place of ease, of flowing Zen

For more info about the festival go to the WEBSITE

To purchase tickets Go HERE

Special thanks to Jessie for joining me today!!

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