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Meet Yogi Tiffanie Luellen!

What type of yoga do you like to practice?

Hatha Yoga

Where is your favorite place to practice yoga?

In the park

What do you like the most about practicing there?

Being outdoors makes me feel more connected to nature and everything around me. It reminds me that everything has it’s place and purpose.

How do you practice yoga off the mat?

It depends. I teach yoga in the workplace class that’s usually done in a chair.

The world ends tomorrow. What would you indulge in tonight?

I would throw a big party and surround myself with family and friends.

What was your first experience with yoga?

I don’t remember my first yoga class but I remember my first hot yoga class. I was not practicing yoga regularly but was familiar enough with it. Apparently, I showed up to an intermediate level and I was struggling to keep up. Midway through the class the instructor said the next pose was a headstand, the lady next to me kindly told me to just lay on the mat. I felt so relieved. I didn’t realize she had been watching me and was more attuned to what I was doing than the actual instructor. I proceeded to lay flat on the mat the remainder of the class.

What is your favorite food?

French Fries

Imagine you’re on the cover of Yoga Journal. What pose would you strike?

Pigeon Pose is my favorite pose.

If you could practice yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Somewhere close to water, maybe Santorini Greece or Cape Town South Africa

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about practicing yoga?

Try it, you might like it.

What music are you jamming to right now?

Cardi B

Where else can we find you?

IG – @jaionas_closet_yoga

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