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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 95 with Anthony Davis – Not Everyone Enjoys Chaturanga

Today on the show Anthony Davis and I chat about some postures that might need a bit more attention and warm up before getting into them. Anthony left a comment about very common poses on a yoga teacher thread that really resonated with me and it was super cool to have him on to talk about it. Listen in to why leaving chaturanga out in your yoga class could be a good idea, because somebody in your yoga class doing chaturanga is not enjoying them.

Anthony is studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic, emphasizing in Sports Medicine. He was originally drawn to yoga during battles with alcoholism and drug addiction, when his sister dragged him to a hot power vinyasa class despite his reluctance due to withdrawal symptoms. This class totally transformed him, and for the first time in years a healthy and positive relationship to his own body was formed. Simple tools like breathing and meditation combined with intentional movement and a commitment to personal health and growth can radically transform anyone’s life. Yoga works if you work it. 
Since beginning a yoga practice in 2009, Anthony has completed over 700 hours of yoga teacher training, become certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer with a Corrective Exercise Specialization. He has also taken many immersive workshops with world class teachers like David Swenson, Ana Forrest, and Rod Stryker, and been accepted to the Doctor of Chiropractic program at NWHSU where he will complete a Master’s in Exercise Science while getting his Doctorate. Education is the best thing one can do to enhance one’s own power and mastery of life. Giving it back through teaching is the practice of karma yoga which drives him. 
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Special thanks to Anthony for joining me on the show. Until next time!

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