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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 86 – An Evening With The Kula Yoga Fam!

Love and positive vibes is abundant when you hang with the Kula Yoga Family! Always a good time when we get together! This time I was able to record it so you could hear how great it is to vibe higher with the awesome people. Find your community and love them! Still looking for a community?! Kula is on 3rd Avenue in downtown Chula Vista. Come check us out, take a yoga class and soak in the good vibes!!

This episode we get into how loud you have to speak when teaching yoga and how your mom voice can help, Darek breaks down how to be an insta yogi when using peacock pose. Teaching tree pose the right way, baby grasshopper, giving que’s in Polish, helping beginners, how to say yoga in Spanish and much much more!! Listen in and enjoy your day!

Follow everybody on Instagram because they always have fun yoga stuff to follow along with and enjoy!

Darek Oktaba The Sun Watcher

Sonia with Upright Citizen

Kula Yoga SD

Paulina aka Pow Pow

After you follow them on insta, check them on facebook or drop in and take a class from one us!!

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Kula Yoga Website

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Special thanks to the entire Kula Yoga Family for joining me this week. Until next time!

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