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Yogi Tones Podcast Episode 85 with Sita Rose – In Essence

What a privilege to chat with Sita Rose on the podcast today, her energy and genuine love for what she does is truly inspiring! A yoga teacher and musician who really knows how to blend the two and make magic! Support her debut album In Essence by going to SitaRose.com or indigogo.com and choosing a package. You’ll be glad you backed such a great project. Also join us at Queen Bees May 6th for the album release party!

A little more about Sita Rose…

Sita Rose is a spirit seeker, space holder, and music maker. Based in San Diego, CA, she is an expressive performer skilled at crafting melodic medicine derived from the heart. She draws from her experience as a board-certified music therapist, devotional singer,  ashtanga yoga practitioner to elevate consciousness and promote peace.  Her gypsy spirit has led her to study the ancient healing qualities of music throughout  India, South America, and Jamaica. As co-founder of Seed & Song LLC, she is passionate about fostering communities that empower women.  

Sharing is caring. If you can’t contribute financially, please consider sharing on social media, sending an email, donate a product or perk for BACKER BONUSES, volunteering at the album release party May 6th event. Your help is welcomed in all forms. Much love and see you soon!!


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