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Shakti Naam Yoga & Aromatherapy with Live Music by The Conscious Groove At The San Diego Yoga Festival

Tune into your highest soul frequency and electrify the spirit with a positive vibration in this live music Shakti Naam Yoga experience!  Naam holds the key to inner healing and self-love, developing a compassion heart through sacred breath, the logos, wisdom, and movement.  Internally awaken cosmic blessings and become a magnet for good health, happiness, and success by attuning to the resonance of Love in thought, word, and action.  In this Light-hearted and invigorating journey, you will be anointed with sacred plant and tree medicine from Wisdom of the Earth, and breathe, dance, and chant your heart song to the heavenly rhythms of The Conscious Groove into a blissful state of Peace, Love, and Joy!

Lemia and Joshua are a joyful married couple who Love learning and sharing the gifts of ancient wisdom from eastern and western traditions, bringing unity consciousness to their classes, concerts, workshops, trainings, and retreats. Through their devotional practice of Naam Yoga, the yoga of universal ONEness and Love through breath, sacred sound, movement, and Divine Spiritual Wisdom, Lemia and Joshua offer a dynamic and playful setting for transformational l growth. They bring their passion and Love for the plants and trees into every environment through the ancient practice of anointing. Lemia and Joshua are grateful for every breath and look forward to connecting with you on a heart level soon!

Conscious Groove Website

Rama Holistic Care Website

Be sure to use the code YogiTones for a discount to the Festival!!

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  1. Maria Storniolo says:

    I just got your link and believe I missed your Naam yoga class.
    I am very interested in attending Naam Yoga, I’ve had the opportunity to attend 2 seminars in Mexico city, directed by Guru, Dr. Joseph Lenvy.

    Could you please keep me updated on any Naam classes you offer in San Diego.

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