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San Diego Yoga Festival Class – Yoga With Pets

Chatted with Shawna Schenk about a special class at the upcoming San Diego Yoga Festival!

Even your pets are welcome at this festival! Come for this special, fun and unique yoga class with your pet. All pets welcome (with all levels of yoga experience!) 

This special class was created by Yoga With Shawna and is led by four of her most recent graduates: Pina, Natalie, Josulan, and Natalie.  Shawna, the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, is known for her creativity and applicability of yoga making it reach all people (and things!) in all ways and so this special class was created in her most recent yoga teacher training. Become a certified yoga teacher with Shawna’s teacher training starting in May. Learn more here. 

Saturday March 10th, 12pm

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