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San Diego Yoga Festival Class – Walking Meditation to the USA-Mexico Border

Join us in this unique and powerful experience: a meditative walk from festival grounds down to the USA-Mexico Border. We will walk on the beach until the end of the country! Here you will see a fence out- reaching into the ocean separating San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

Once you reach the border, you are invited to meditate or engage in a personal yoga practice and feel connected to unity. As many parts of the country may be trying to put up a bigger wall, we are focused on tearing down the walls around our heart and living in love. You can watch the ocean as it crashes on both sides of the border, and see and hear the beautiful people on the beach in Mexico! Your walking tour guide will also lead a group meditation.

Please note: This special walking meditation experience will take about 3-5 hours, it is a 3 mile beach walk (each way) to the border from the festival and  is about a 1.5 hour walk each way. Also, you may get wet: on one part of the beach is where the Tijuana River meets the Ocean: here you may have to walk through water (note low tide is 11:23 am) and so it is important to walk to and from the boarder during low tide hours.  Many times the walk through the water is ankle or knee deep but sometimes it is up to your hips. Please advise.

This is also a beach walk on un-even sand so wear proper foot-ware and bring a towel (bathing suit and possibly a change of clothes). Because of the water quality in our neighboring country, it is advised to not swim once you get down to the ocean at the border.

This experience in unforgettable and the energy there is mind-blowing and beautiful. We are excited to share this with you!

Saturday March 10th, 9am

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