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Sunset Savasana Class with Founder of San Diego Yoga Festival

To close your epic day, join founder of San Diego Yoga Festival, Shawna Schenk, in the sweetest, sunset savasana on the sand. You will be put  a POWERFUL Savasana: 30 minutes of complete surrender as you roll out your mat and just  rest absorbing all that you released and all that you’ve become after your day of yoga! You will rest in Corpse Pose with hundreds of festival goers as the ocean crashes right next to your ear, you breathe in the salt air and the sunsets. 

Savasana is translated to Corpse Pose and celebrates the death of who you were and the awakening of who will become. Sunset is the most auspicious time to practice as it is when the earth is coming in harmony. Bring a blanket to get cozy!

Shawna Schenk, the founder and creator of San Diego Yoga Festival and co-creator,  is a San Diego yoga teacher, Reiki master, author, and spiritual activist leading classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, and festivals throughout North America. She has created a 7 teacher trainings and authored a number of books including “Yoga for Teens.” She has also founded the first free beach yoga movement in San Diego providing free yoga to her community) in three different beach towns, every day, sometimes offering up to 3 classes a day. Shawna is beyond stoked to provide this festival for you all!

Saturday March 10th, 515pm

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